Friday, February 20, 2009

Second Doctor's Visit

And everything is great! My little stub of a cord fell off, and I'm back up to only one ounce shy of my birth weight, getting fat and happy again!

I've had a great week visiting with Aunt Beth- she's taken great care of me and been a big help to my parents.

I was sad to see my Nana and Opa leave though. I've been Skyping with Grandma and Grandpa and I finally got to meet (also over Skype) my cousin Alex and my Aunt Pat who live in England. Can't wait to meet Uncle Bart and cousin Greg and lots more friends soon.



(I can't understand why daddy thinks it's funny to keep posting in the first person voice for me... is it weird?)

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  1. Ayla,

    Congrats on your safe entry into the outer world. You picked a fine place to plant your roots and chose two great parents to boot. You are a beautiful baby and I wish you the best as you grow, wriggle, reach, and laugh your way through your days and nights.

    - Give my best to your mom and pop.

    -Scott B.